Friday, January 27, 2017

Final Thoughts

Two highlights/memorable experiences from this semester was the field trip we took to via and dong the linoleum prints and movie poster. The trip to via was memorable to me, because I saw the environment which those creative people worked, and how they loved their jobs. It was interesting because if they enjoy their jobs then they'll never work a day in their lives. And it was just cool to see that, because a lot of people have jobs just to earn money, but those people seemed to actually enjoy what they were doing, they were committed and creative. I learned a lot about photoshop doing the movie poster and the magazine covers. It's interesting how they're so many things you can do with photoshop, and what some people can make from it.

Artworks of which I am most proud

One of the pieces of artwork which I am most proud of is the movie poster and the linoleum prints. The movie poster I am proud of because I thought that I went through a whole process to get the final result, and I spent a lot of time thinking about it and how to put the images together. Doing the movie poster I learned a lot about the tools on photoshop. The linoleum prints I am proud of because, not that they're so good, but that I made so many because they would usually be off centered or have ink on them, but when I would finally get a good one it was nice and satisfying. The more bad ones I made, the more I appreciated the nicer ones. These two projects were my favorite and I felt as if I learned the most from them, because it was harder to create the idea i had in my head, I would do many versions of the movie poster, but then I would be unhappy with it and have to change it a lot, and then with the linoleum prints it would just take a long time to get one i was actually happy with.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Travel today


  • To create a magazine cover using knowledge and tools of Photoshop CS6.  

  • To use conceptual skills in order to convey information to a wide audience in a clear, original, and well designed manner.

name of magazine :  travel today
type : travel magazine
target audience : everyone, and adults who can afford to travel
colors : light blue, dark blue, white
I chose these colors because I felt they went with my picture the best.

The challenges that I faced throughout were the size and font of the words, and not making it too simple, or to much. the color choices I had to change a lot because sometimes you couldn't make out the words because they blended into the background. My title was just travel and it was to simple, so I made it travel today. Which I liked. The feedback sessions helped me because they pointed out what I should change and could improve my magazine cover with. My articles were simple and weren't detailed enough, so I changed them. The placement of the words I changed too.

The successes as I worked through the creating process were that I would be in a spot where I couldn't decide what fonts or colors to do, but then I would try different things, and think about different options, and then after that process I would have a product more successful than the last.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Planning Magazine Cover Design

The type of my magazine is a travel magazine.
The name of my magazine is
The feature story in my magazine is spring break where to go.
The month/year of publication is March 2017.
The 5/6 storylines that will be included on the front are : top 10 beaches, travel luggage, best pizza in Rome, best hotels and resorts.
The font for the title will be :
The font for the additional cover text will be :
color scheme :

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Introduction to Magazine Cover Design

I wasn't really aware how much time and thought went into designing magazine covers. i found i interesting that there are so many different methods and ways to design the covers. how the color choices matter so much, and how the cover should say what the magazine is about. its interesting that some magazines have the pictures covering part of the title on purpose. makes the picture stand out.

To have colors that contrast and work well with each other so that the magazine stands out and looks good. eye catching. Having the words be visible and not to close to the side of the paper so people can read them easily. Certain things bold or italicized if needed so people look straight to that. words well placed on the cover.  

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

lino prints


  • To become familiar with basic printmaking history, processes, and artists
  • To make connections among artists from our past and present who worked using this method;
  • To respond visually to printmaking artists by creating  editions of prints, using linoleum;  
  • To print 2 editions of 2 different drawings/designs, demonstrating understanding of the printmaking process.

  1. At first when i was drawing my house design at points i would be confused which would be the background, the positive and negative space. When i was cutting the linoleum i had to do it slowly or else there would be mistakes. I felt i had a difficult time placing the paper correctly, centered. I would try to line it up, but some are off to one side more. I was never really sure how much ink to use either. It was hard to keep the paper clean, and i would often have smudges on the paper.
  1. It was nice when i would take the paper off the linoleum and the ink would be just enough, not too much or not too little. It was nice when i would have no smudges on the paper, but it was hard to keep my hands and the space clean. The ink would get on everything but when it wouldn’t it would be nice.  So i would be proud of the prints that are more centered and the ink is evenly distributed and when the paper wouldn’t have a smudge.  

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Printmaking History, Processes, and Artists

printmaking is lines cut into something to make a picture and thats the print then you print it onto paper or something else. Albrecht Durer is an older artist. As well as George W. bonner. John J murphy is more recent. paul landaeker is a more recent artist as well.

Etching - acid is used to put the image into metal plate. acid goes into the marks drawn on the plate, therefore creating it.
Linocut - layer of linoleum on wood easily carved. 
Mezzotint - most time-consuming. fine lines are made all over the plate. tonal range of black. 
Drypoint - done on a plate. sharp tool used to cut into it and make the designs.
Engraving - done on a medal plate. a difficult to use tool called a burin is used.

I like the prints that have the straight lines angled on them i think it looks nice. 

Print 1 :   james malton.  //  18th Century. // name of print : king street guildhall . //  he first watercolored and then etched it and printed to give the print a look of a watercolor. 

<-  Print 2 :  albrecht durer. // 1500ish //name of print : the knight death and the devil  

print 3 : Francisco goya  // between 1746-1828  //  name of print : a lunatic behind bars